Bracli - The Original Pearl Thong 

Bracli backgroundAn Introduction to the Bracli

The Ultimate in Sexy Lingerie

Bracli catapulted to fame with its iconic and worldwide-patented Bracli Pearl Thong. It was already enjoying a fair amount of commercial success in Spain ever since its inception in Asturias in 1999, but only started on its meteoric rise to fame when it was featured in Playboy and episode 69 of Sex and The City, first aired in the United States of America on 4th August 2002. That episode immortalized the Bracli Pearl Thong as a must-have item in any lingerie connoisseur's collection.

Luis Alvarez designed the Bracli Pearl Thong while he was working for one of the local banks in Asturias and subsequently went on to open Bracli, looking to market his unique design to the women of the world. If you’re wondering what Bracli means, know that it’s a play of words that is both cute and sexy: “Braga” means panties in Spanish, and “cli” is short for clitoris.


There is no other sexy lingerie like the Bracli. The Bracli Pearl Thong is not just a piece of lingerie but is an original  creation, specially designed to enhance the sensuality, elegance and beauty in women.